1945 -6 LOT of 47 RARE Fidass GENOA Milan VENEZIA Verona JUVE Sampdoria BOLOGNA Atalanta BRESCIA



Unusual *STAR LOT* from 1945 -46 THIS BARGAIN LOT consists of 47 RARE Fidass cards form the first Fidass series! That's the most difficult Fidass issue to find, by far!: Players from GENOA and AC Milan, from VENEZIA  and Verona, from JUVENTUS and Sampdoria, from BOLOGNA,  Atalanta, BRESCIA, Modena and Triestina await the lucky buyer. Lucky buyer? Lucky simply because these are never offered in this kind of number. You can spend years accumulating just a handful. Here you get almost 50, in mixed condition, some poor, many faults but also some really nice cards too. Whatever the condition these are as rare as diamonds. SOLD AS SEEN with faults, wear, flaws etc. See all 4 photos. SOLD AS SEEN buyer gets 47 cards.