1954 Kiddy Gum #34 Ferenc Puskas Hungary sticker WM54 WC54 early card Weltmeisterschaft 1954



See supporting image: in June 2022 a Puskas 1954 (much easier than this) sold in USA for USD$6,600.

This West German Puskas is much rarer! This is one of the rarest Puskas cards out there, 100 times rarer than the later A&BC Gum, this is also from 1954 but was issued before A&BC Gum did their plain back Puskas.  This rarity was issued in West Germany - that was a Germany only half the size of today's Germany, with a much smaller circulation. Some light faults but NO GLUE! Amazing to find one of these without AMR. Other than corners, small faults, it's generally GOOD which puts this way above all the others with AMR. SOLD AS SEEN