1958 Bobby Charlton early UNCUT rookie Hotspur strip-of-4 ! Earlier than most A&BC & other rookies



Issued on October 11th, 1958, this is as new! Bobby Charlton UNCUT strip-of-4, intact strip as issued. Being 11 October '58, this Charlton rookie is earlier than most A&BC & other Charlton rookies! Most Charlton A&BC cards were issued after this date, Colinville is arguably around the same time but few if any are earlier - and none are rarer! This is the No.1 rarest Charlton rookie because it's still uncut, as issued with Hotspur comic 65+ years ago. *very slight very faint edge on the Charlton side but generally excellent. SOLD AS SEEN sold with this very faint edge, which is seen ONLY if held against the light under a glass SOLD AS SEEN