1958 Bremer rookie Pelé exceedingly rare German World Cup '58 card + faults LOW PRICE! s/p £1,750



Bremer Fachring World Cup 58 card with faults - SOLD AS SEEN - AMR and handling wear to both sides. NOte: unlike the "red" Pelé cards by Heinerle this black & white card really is from 1958. The Heinerle cards of Pelé jumping for a header, in red; and Brazil in red shirts are coloured-in black 6 white photos, coloured by Heinerle, and they are from 1960. not 1958! Yet, even though they are 1960 cards, they have sold for as much as $26,000 (Goldin auctions 2020, Pelé red Heinerle)! So, the coloured cards by Heinerle are two years later than this genuine rookie by Bremer, a stunning photographic card-stock card, sized a little like a gum card of the time. This is a genuine rookie Pelé card, from 1958. It also shows Vava with whom Pelé celebrates a goal. N.B.you buy this card with faults. It is an extraordinarily rare card. Only issued in a small part of West Germany by the Bremer coffee company - a redemption card - only 5 are known worldwide! To have 1 of those 5 cards this is your chance.