1958 rookie Man Utd Charlton Norway



Wow! This may equal the Soiree' Bobby Charlton card for rarity.
It's a 1958 picture, as used on the A&BC Gum 1959
Bobby Charlton card
It's from Norway. This series was released in 1958 - see the Puskas 
from the same issue, clearly form before he went to Real Madrid, i.e before late 1958.
The biography on the back talks of losing to Aston Villa in 1957 and Munich in February 1958
but the only mention of international football is regarding his nickname, Mr Dynamite, and the
fact that he has to wait for other players to make way before he can get going. It says he is sure
to be a great, one day, with many goals. No mention of World Cup 1958 nor any international match so this
may well be as early as Spring though it's probably summertime 1958.