1958 scene on a 1960-issue card of Pelé by Heinerle - some faults LOW PRICE



See the supporting pictures below showing cards in worse condition for as much! This is one of a couple of such cards on the market (August 2020). The others ask US3,200 or over 500 for a card with a ruined back. 

SOLD AS SEEN : the legendary 1958 World Cup scene of Pelé heading, on a West German gum card by Heinerle, from the firm's 1st series of sports cards issued by the start of 1960 - with some faults. SOLD AS SEEN but a very LOW PRICE for this seminal card. See 2nd photos, below, for a similar cards in other online sales (August 2020)

This card is a BARGAIN, relatively clean and relatively inexpensive.

Sold as seen - with faults! Note: pen to rear, corner etc