1959 Bobby Charlton 1st edition "ASK FOR CHIX" not the 2nd pink or 3rd B/w cartoon, the RAREST Chix!



1959 -60 season 1st edition! Yes, this is not like the later, easier copies with the caricatures, this is the EARLIEST & RAREST Bobby Charlton Chix card. These 1st edition cards had the advert backs unlike the easier-to-find pink-caricature backs (2nd series) or the B/w monotone caricature backs (3rd-series ), which are by far the commonest. These advert-back "ASK FOR CHIX" cards are the rarest types. NOTE: SLIGHT FAULTS arrowed in picture to front, very light indentation with appearance of a scratch, corners bear very faint slot in indents. SOLD AS SEEN with these very faint faults. The rarest Bobby Charlton Chix.. and the only 1 of these cards known!