1959 *STAR ITEM* Denis Law rookie in UNCUT sheet of stickers! Unique surviving example?



Priceless! This must be the rarest Denis Law rookie on the planet! Only 1 has been seen in 30 years searching -  this is it. From early 1959 this shows legendary all-time great player, a Hall of Famer, the great Scotland, Manchester United & City, Huddersfield Town and Torino star Denis Law. It's not only a Denis Law rookie, it's a rookie on an UNCUT sheet of stickers, the only 1 seen in three decades and possibly THE uniquely surviving example; probably the only 1 left uncut in the wntire world. Issued by ADVENTURE comic, for the sticker album Adventure issued in early 1959, in weekly parts: "World Footballers of Tomorrow". The sheet was never used, never cut. It's rear side has some imprint from the comic page wherein it lived, compressed, for 70+ years. AMAZING to find this in this kind of condition. The only example seen by this seller - and he's been looking for 30 years! SEE CLOSE-UP 3rd PHOTO to see the lower back side of this sheet.