1960 -61 PAIR Heinerle & Carl Schütt 2 gum cards of Ferenc Puskas, Real Madrid Hungary light faults



1960 -61 a PAIR of cards. The smaller one is Heinerle & the larger one is by Carl Schütt (vending machines) of Ferenc Puskas. Buyer gets these 2 cards of the Real Madrid & Hungary legend - cards look clean but have light faults. See below for details of the faults:

The faults' details:

The larger, late 1960, Carl Schutt card has a very light bend down the center, not a crease as such but a distinct though gentle bend, to pto bottom like the card was accidentally compressed a little too hard from its sides. The fault really only stands out against the light, so face-on seen from the front and the back it's not too obvious. To the touch it can be felt but it's not a crease, per se, it's a light bend  No AMR, no other faults as such. I guess it may grade as good (It looks better) but no guarantees are offered. Graders grade differently for everyone.

The smaller, early 1961 Heinerle (2nd series) card is generally very good, with some handling. 

So both cards are imperfect but at first glance look clean and attractive.

Most such ended up stuck down into albums, especially those by Carl Schütt Verlag, a series which was issued by automated gum dispensing machines. So, the Carl Schütt card is very unusual for not having AMR.

The smaller Heinerle card is similar to the Lutter cards. Lutter reissued the cards in 1962 with some differences, e.g. series titles were added to the rear

Priced for the pair, the buyer gets 2 cards.

See also the supporting photo of a USD $6,600 Puskas card sale, in June 2022.