1960 Heinerle (for Carl Schütt) gum card of 1950's image Ferenc Puskas Real Madrid



Most of these ended up stuck down into albums! 1960 Heinerle-made card but - and this is MUCH RARER than standard Heinerle cards - this card was produced for Carl Schütt Verlag, and issued by automated gum dispensing machines. So, this is a Carl Schütt gum card, for Schutt's "BS" album collection, of 1960, but it was made for him by Heinerle. It is similar, with the white borders, to 2nd series Heinerle cards from 1961 (with 4 sports figures on the back)  which are also known as Lutter cards (Lutter reissued them in 1962)

From West Germany. Very rare! About "Very Good" condition,
One of the most sought-after images of Puskas, a classic gum card
and one of the rarest!