1960s *BARGAIN MIX* c.160 Heinerle Sicker WS Verlag etc Law, Suarez, Vava etc Duplication



Denis Law, Vava, Luisito Suarez and many more greats of the time feature in this 1960s *BARGAIN MIX* c.160 West German Heinerle, Sicker, WS Verlag, Kunold, etc - with duplication and faults! So, around 160 cards containing about 50 Heinerle, about 40 WS Verlag, about 60 Sicker and 10 or so others. All 1960s German issues, MIXED condition, generally good to VG but plenty with faults, some AMR, duplication etc BUT at less than 50p per item this is a rare bargain lot costing less than 0.50 per card!