1962 -63 rookie EUSEBIO Benfica Troukens trade card in style of postcard, sold w. partial album page



EUSEBIO is 5th from left, seen under the "www" of the yellow watermark. This is one of the earliest rookie Eusebio cards in the world, earlier than the first Panini! Dated 1962 -63, this EUSEBIO and BENFICA trade card was issued in the style of a postcard, sold in Benelux  in 1963, made for a collection - issuer: Troukens. The card will be sold with a partial album page to show it came from a trade cards collection rather than being a commercial postcard. NOTE: the card is technically unused, because there is no gum or glue or AMR but there is some waviness to one end of the card - not the Eusebio end. Generally clean and VG apart from slight waviness.