1962 Bobby Moore West Ham THE ROOKIE card England WC62 Quaker redemption card



Spring 1962, the -THE- earliest rookie card of the World Cup Winning captain of England, Bobby Moore. The West Ham legend's rookie card was once believed to be the Bazooka A&BC Gum card. That was way out, being a let 1962 issue! This card was made to celebrate England going to the WC62 finals. The card was made by Quaker Oats and it was ONLY available as a redemption card (from a relatively low-circulation trade product.) which makes it far rarer than the commoner gum card. So, this is priced for its rookie-card value. It is the very first, the earliest Bobby Moore trade card in the whole world, and it is BY FAR the rarest. The next rarest is the Italian San Giorgio colour sticker issued during the World Cup, summer 1962.