1962 Mira images used on '64 French cards by SAGE Didi Djalma Santos Vava and Bellini fold as issued



4 cards: cut as intended, one folded as issued. Buyer gets 4 of these 1962 Mira images issued in 1964 as French 'packet issue' cards given with SAGE COMICS: Didi, Djalma Santos, Vava and Bellini the 1958 WC-winning captain of Brazil; SOLD AS SEEN, crease is "as issued", staple holes as issued. These came on a supplementary colour sheet, folded and stapled into the centre of Pepito comic (see extra image, to see a complete sheet)  with the intention that collectors cut them out and glue them into an album. These 4 are all unglued. SOLD AS SEEN