1962 PABEL rarity of Brazil winners & Pele in 1958, Konig Fussball -waviness- on Ebay for £740.00!



Sold on Ebay for €740.00, this 1958-scene on a 1962 rare card from West Germany, shows Pele. It's by PABEL!. The WC58 Brazil winners lineup is like that seen on the rarer 1958 Bremer card, This is not 1958, it's 1962. It's a very rare paper item by Pabel, made for  the Konig Fussball collection. In this condition it is very rare without a ruined back because most were glued down. This has a lot of humidity waviness in the paper so it's not flat but it is clean of the usual faults, no damage per se, just 60 years of humidity making waviness in the paper. SOLD WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE.