1962 Pele rare "Cafe Brasil" shirt card by Topolino Comic from Spain NOT the later reissue postcard



From circa 1962 this Pele card from the Brazil training ground is a very seldom seen card with Pele in the rarely seen "Cafe Brasil" badge-emblazoned shirt. The card was issued with the Spanish imprint of Topolino comic, in Spain (hence the Spanish language on the card). This dates to as early as 1962 by the kit and the picture (Important: see more info on this below and supporting picture, also, above). The inscriptions seen are PRINTED, not hand written. They are as issued: a facsimile autograph and a printed greetings message in Spanish, both imprinted on the card by the manufacturer. Note: this is not the later Don Miki issue with the postcard back, this has a plain back. Dating: the image can be dated by the Brazil "coffee" emblem (a coffee plant and the words CAFE BRASIL. See the supporting coloured picture of Pele with Didi & Vava and two other players. That picture shows them in the "Cafe Brasil" Brazilian shirts and the fact that Didi is there dates this image to no later than 1962. Didi's last game for Brazil was in 1962. The two images are from the same training ground. On the black & white Topolino card you can see another Brazil player sitting down in the background. Notwithstanding the faults, this card is one of the rarest Pelé cards this seller has seen. There may even be more Bremers and Balas Peles on the market than there are examples of this great rarity. Remember, this is the original not the later reprint with the postcard back, issued with a later comic. This card was issued via the Spanish imprint of the Italian Topolino comic, a comic of the early- and mid-1960s. Also seen is a supporting picture of a typical Spanish example of this comic. The comic had a club: The Friends of Topolino: "Los Amigos de Topolino". Again, to round up, the card's pre-printed inscriptions show Pele's facsimile autograph and state, in Spanish: "the friends of Topolino". Topolino comic was issued in various countries. It's best known in Italy but it was also issued in Spain during the early 1960s - and this Spanish card was redeemed from the Spanish issuer of Topolino comic in Spain. Over in Italy, similar cards were issued throughout the 1960s  and were reproduced with postcard backs in the mid-1970s. This has a plain back. It's the size of a postcard. NOTE: Only 1 ever seen by this seller: this one. Don't miss it!  SOLD AS SEEN with faults - some creases - and the back has a little pencil and an old price in Spanish Pesetas. SOLD AS SEEN!