1962 ROOKIE LQL WC62 Gordon Banks rookie Chile Leicester City England Stoke



Amazing rookie! He is listed on The F.A.'s squad list as 3rd goalkeeper, a stay-at-home sub, but there are no other known WC62 stickers or cards for Banks! 

Made in Chile, too. What a rarity this sticker is!

Not only from mid-1962 --- it is *THE* ROOKIE card of Gordon Banks.

Banks was so unknown outside Leicester, they even got the name wrong - Harry Banks!

being from before WC62 this beats the autumn 1962 Barratt A10 card and the blue-back A&BC Gum card. So, it's from Chile, cometh the Leicester City, the England & the Stoke City legend - rookie!

Condition: stain to back, otherwise generally nice condition, light handling, slight indent seen against the light but it's not a crease. Sold with this in mind.