1963 early Luigi Riva for Cagliari small card from Italy



Early Riva image, an early Riva card from circa 1963. A small card from Italy, originally made for a series of plastic keyrings on metal chains, these diminutive cards are ever rarer. The Pele (a 1962 image of Pele) has been seen to sell for many £1,000's! The good news is that even though this is an early Riva it's not at all costly. Note: these are NOT 1967-made items as one naive, young seller claimed on EB. The series was produced over and again, with different strips, so there are cards of Sivori for Juve (1963) and Sivori for Napoli (1965); and there is a John Charles for Roma (1963) etc. So, the series was a long running one with kit updates painted on to the same pictures and reproduced.