1964 -65 Pelé OFFER strip 4 Pele +1 border, Coluna D. Santos Verbania - on Ebay $909 for a single!



You get the strip of 4 you see here. Also showing is a sale on eBay in 202 where 1 single Pele sold for $909! So you get this strip of 4, with border,, intact since issue for about the same price as a single! This 1964-1965 Pelé rarity is a GREAT OFFER - just see the supporting picture of the eBay sale, here. This strip of 4 is with 1 border, Coluna Djalma Santos Germano and Pelé by Verbania  Low price due to very thin border on one side, as issued, and normal border on the other side. If this had 2 full borders the price would be double this price - see other sales for such a pristine item. SOLD AS SEEN