1964-65 Pele UNCUTx4 Verbania from Italy - earlier than Sicker - a single sold for $909 on EB!



Pop 1 of 1 on the records, and that was a single which sold for USD $909+ in 2020! This uncut strip of FOUR 1964-65 Verbanias, has Pelé withborders. To find an UNCUT strip of 4, as issued only in Italy, is like finding a real journalist! Extinct species. This Italian 4-strip Verbania was only issued aroudn Milan, in northern Italy, by the Verbania group. It is an earlier release than the later, national-issued commoner Sicker, in Germany. NOTE: In September 2020 a badly-centred single, from a strip of 4, sold for $909.66! So, what's that make this worth? It's sure that by 2026 this will be worth A LOT more than I am selling it for here.