1965 *STAR ITEM* ! Franz Beckenbauer rookie card UNCUT sheet x9 Sicker Verlag only 2 known in world



STAR ITEM and far rarer than the other 1965 Beckenbauer rookie. This is a 1965 rookie of Franz Beckenbauer in an original UNCUT complete sheet of 9 Sicker Verlag "Die Fussball Saison 1965/66" gems.  It's far harder to get than the single 'Tausen Tolle Tore' rookie - I have had 3 of them. ThIs is the only 1 such sheet I have had or seen for sale. From a personal collection amassed over the last 50 years. Don't miss it. It could be worth £10,000 next year... if not $50,000 by 2026. The way rare soccer rookies are going it could make even more than that, one day. SEE the supporting pictures of an easier 1965 rookie for $29,000 starting price, Ebay 2020; and one in poor condition which sold for $1,400! Only 2 of these sheets are known in the entire world.