1966 Pele *EXTREMELY RARE* Konga Deporte y Premios Pelé a cancelled Spanish redemption only 2 known!



This is one of the rarest Pele cards - it is truly EXTREMELY RARE - one of the hardest-to-find Pelé cards out there, It's by Konga Choclates. It's similar but different to the Sicker because this is a reverse image Pelé, and it's much rarer than the Fher, rarer than the Cibeles and even rarer than the Caserta Pele. Surely the rarest Spanish Pelé. This has been redeemed and cancelled, hence the over print (same to Beckenbauer and Yashin and others known from this series). The Konga collections were redeemed for prizes which is why few remain and this is 1 of only 2 known. See supporting photo for an album (not included) and see the Beckenbauer and Yashin pages for others from this super-rare series. This has AMR and is sold as seen. You won't see another one.