1966 Pele Garrincha di Stefano etc Campioni dello Sport Panini album +100's - all partly glued down



1966 Pele, Garrincha, Alfredo di Stefano etc. -100's of cards-  in a Panini "Campioni dello Sport" album from Italy - only ever issued in Italy! Original through and through. Pele and the others are all partly glued down, so this is sold sold as seen, sold as "partly glued in" and "with AMR". The cards partly lift, the glue seems to be only around the tops on most card but all cards, if removed, will obviously have AMR - and trying to remove cards is at the buyer's own risk. There's also a little mark at the top of the Pele card. The album is 100% original and it comes with 100+ other cards of all sports, and includes the ROOKIE card of Jackie Stewart racing car World Champion driver.