1967 Buchan World Stars Pele Sprake + George Best + others uncut sheet!



From 1967 an intact, uncut Charles Buchan "World Stars" Pele & Sprake "pair" PLUS a 1967 George Best & all the others on an UNCUT probable "9" mint sheet. Yes it's rare, like this in this uncut format it is very rare.

On EB just a pair of Pele and Sprake costs $2,500!  They even graded that cut pair as a "7" near mint and made a population table all for them, saying only 1 pair known in the world. The seller says no others exist! Well, no one knew of this, privately collected intact sheet as mint as it was in 1967. This may well be the only 1 in the world left intact.

So, here you can get the entire sheet for less than a cut pair costs AND on the sheet you get a 1967 George Best, which adds immeasurable value, a lot more than a Gary Sprake (no offence to GS)