1967 Charles Buchan World Stars Pele Sprake pair versus an uncut sheet



Slabber graded this cut but well-trimmed pair as a "near mint" card, and gave it a "7" out of "10" for perfection

and it was selling for $2,500 on EB!  It's from 1967, by Charles Buchan, from a series called "World Stars".

The slabber lists it as the only 1 known in the world. The seller says "no others exist"!

Yet my intact sheet of Pele & Sprake WITH George Best and other legends of soccer, such as Martin Peters, George Cohen, Derek Dougan, et al, proves them both wrong. However, it is rare - the intact full sheet, that is. If a cut pair is a "7" my uncut sheet must be a "9"!