1969 -71 °1st edition° Red & Blue EUSEBIO cut AS INTENEDED advance pre collection Mexico 70 Panini



1969 -70, the *1st edition* Red & Blue back EUSEBIO hand cut from gift token AS INTENEDED, this is the advance issue, a pre-collection launch Eusebio for "Mexico 70" by Panini. The red-&-blue back cards were given with "buono" (tokens) to promote the coming, new collection. It is said they started circulating in late 1969! Red & blue back cards exist for all Mexico 70 teams and players but they are 1000 times rarer than the typical green or black&red back cards. All were hand cut. YOu can still SEE THE DOTTED LINES around the edge of the card. Wear and handling marks, generally good but this is ONE THOUSAND TIMES RARER than all other Eusebio Panini cards. It's even rarer than the mythical yellow Eusebio from 1963. Fact. SOLD AS SEEN with handling wear and marks.