1970 PELE UNCUT SHEET Eusebio Puskas diStefano Kopa Yashin Suarez Beckenbauer etc SUN SOUVENIR CHART



1970 PELE UNCUT SHEET with Beckenbauer, Rivera, Eusebio Puskas di Stefano Kopa Yashin Suarez etc. Issued only in the UK by TheSUN, "WC70 SOUVENIR CHART", this item is still as issued, 50+years ago, each player has serrated edges, to be pulled apart and glued down on to the chart issued for collecting these and other 'stamps'. In that it remains intact it's as new, unused, uncut, some light handling, feint indents here and there but this could be the unique surviving complete item. This seller has only seen 1 in 30 years: this one. SOLD AS SEEN