1974 end of '74 classic Niki Lauda Sports Vedettes with backing paper, rare Panini q.rookie



quasi-rookie card from the end of 1974. Niki Lauda, Ferrari, by Panini from "Sports Vedettes". Unused sticker! Still has backing paper. This series was issued in autumn 1974, as the previous Campioni dello Sport series had been,yearly, in fall. The card is NOT the rooki of Lauda but it is a favourite. The rookies of Lauda were issued in Spain (matchbox packet issue card 1973), pan Europe by Americana (the rainy Monaco 1972 scene, a 1973 card, of whic there are 3 types available) and the absurdly rare A 200 A HORA / A 200 POR HORA, Spanish rarity from early 1974, issued shortly afterwards in Portugal too.