1974 Pelé UNCUT SHEET Pelé & others, French mag PIF freebie for "Kopa WC74" album See supporting pix



1974 "UNCUT SHEET" perhaps the only surviving complete sheet in the world. Pelé & others including Colin Todd of Derby County and Just Fontaine, for France. This is a very rare intact unused - but showing light handling marks - free gift from a French mag called PIF. The freebie was given as part of a series of cards to be collected for "Kopa et Pif's Coupe du Monde" album, for the 1974 World Cup - see supporting pix of the album itself for more info. You get the uncut sheet of 8 not the album (sold).  Remember, it's intact but there are handling marks across the sheet. It's folded along the perforation lines. Sold as seen with these light faults. The only 1 in the world? probably.