1977 Pele Cruyff Beckenbauer Connors Evert SET unused Campionissimi SPORTS GREATS +album from Italy



1977 Pele, Cruyff, Zoff, Beckenbauer etc full set & album! An unused "Campionissimi" set of soccer & other sports stickers from Italy, with sporting greats from many disciplines, such as Jimmy Connors, Ile Nastase, Chris Evert Lloyd, from tennis; Franz Klamer & Ingemar Stenmark from skiing, etc. The album is still stapled in the children's magazine with which it was issued. This is how you will receive it, the album is as new, plus the entire set of stickers loose and unused. The stickers had to be cut from magazine issued weekly, during 1977, so this is quite something to have them all, cut out as intended but unused. The magazine you get with the album is intact. NOTE: some stickers were pre-printed inside the album, so the 'missing' stickers from the set of cut outs are inside the album, as they were when new. To get a set like this, now, you'd have to acquire all of the weekly issues of the children's magazine wherein they were issued, cut each out... almost impossible now, 45 years later.