1979 Beckenbauer & Maradona! New York Cosmos v Argentina 1978 match - similar on EB for over 2,000!



The first half-million dollar soccer card has Maradona on it. Like this it's from 1979 but this card is much, much  rarer! This card also has both Franz Beckenbauer & Diego Maradona. The match was in 1978: New York Cosmos v Argentina, here made as a 1979 "Super Futbol" card in Argentina, and only ever sold in Argentina. This is an  original card from Buenos Aires. The "Super Futbol" collection had a relatively small distribution and the poor state of fascist-Junta Argentina at the time meant that few were afforded and fewer were kept. Most were destroyed decades ago. Few remain! This card has AMR - faults - as seen but to have these two All-time great football legends on the same card - not many collectors can brag to having that. There are other cards from this rare series selling on Ebay now, in 2020-21, for over £2,000 each so, this is a BARGAIN! See supporting pix.