1992 Panini Foot 92 Zidane rookie ever higher in price other sellers ask over 1000! - see pictures



Other sellers have sold similar for almost 1,300! See picture, below, of an EB sale for 1,300!

My 1992 Panini Foot 92 Zidane Cannes rookie costs a fraction of the other sales. 

There is no damage to this item! Clean. All marks are as printed, at Panini.

All you see is by the Panini printing-press - no print marks were made after Panini.

As with any sticker once it's been removed from a packet, there are very light signs of handling

but this is in excellent condition.

NOTE: many sellers would class this as near mint. They'd be wrong but they'd still call it near mint.

It's not. It's the next best thing.

Prices rising monthly for this item! Get it now or watch the price rise