1997 Onze Beckham Man Utd



One of the earliest and most attractive Beckham cards. This is French, a gift with a magazine in 1997.

Important Note: if you are buying rookie Beckham's avoid the "Raven" card. It is not from 1995!
It was issued at the turn of the millennium. It wrongly states Beckham's first cap was in '95.
It was been wrongly graded by U.S. slabbers who did not know much about soccer cards.
Beckham came to prominence at Manchester United late on in 1995.
In summer 1996 he was capped for England for the first time.
Corinthian made a figure & card only late in 1996 - and Corinthian were on the ball!
If you see a Raven S.A. card of any Manchester player it was not printed in 1995! 2000.