2012 SCORPION GOD Forbidden Wisdom of Belial by Mark Alan Smith Primal Craft L/E 999 grimoire



a HEAVY BOOK! Hardcover. Octavo. 404pp. STANDARD HARDCOVER edition. Shimmering deep brown cloth - N.B. there are some shiny 'skirmish' marks to the cover and edges |:| Seal of Forbidden Wisdom in gilt on upper board, gilt titling to spine. Printed on thick high quality paper and finished with black endpapers. Twelve full page illustrations, over 280 sigils. The first edition, limited to 999 hand numbered copies. A "talismanic" production; all copies of the book were blessed and individually consecrated by the author. The author is a full time occultist and devotee of Hecate who has practiced witchcraft for nearly three decades. The Scorpion God is the third volume of the Trident of Witchcraft. From the publisher: "The third volume of the Trident consists of the Six Books of the Forbidden Wisdom of Belial, which open the gates of the Depths to the soul who follows the Path of Flames in search of the Three Great Crowns of Divinity. As Lord of the Heights and the Depths, Belial grants keys to the hidden power of the Atlantean realm. The Gates of Amenta are opened both within the soul and throughout the inner planes, allowing the adept to follow the Path of Lucifer's Flames as it descends into the realm of the Gods of the first incarnate race. Assimilation, at soul level, of the power of the Scorpion Godform of Belial is granted in order to facilitate this transition. This is the culmination of the Path of Flames which leads the Godsoul, forged from the spirit of man, beyond the Gate of Souls and back to the throne of Hecate. 

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Stored away from the light until now. Some scuffs to covers caused by original careless packaging by publisher; since bought new, but unread