All wrong! Beckenbauer, Eusebio & Matthews. all wrongly dated too early



All wrong! High prices paid for Beckenbauer by buyers believing they were getting his rookie card, way off! You have been ripped off. The colour cards are from 1967, not 1965. But the Matthews card has long been known to be from 1935, so why was that dated 1934? Nothing to do with 1934 rookie status and more money, I suppose?  So, all these are wrongly dated; all are too early, giving the cards more value than they deserved. The Beckenbauer and Eusebio cards are by the Italian gum maker Perfetti, from 1967.

Some graders even classed these Italian cards as Dutch cards by Monty! How wrong can you be? Proof they are not 1965? Yellow stars on the Inter players' kits. That was awarded after the 1965-66 season was over, and first appeared in the 1966-67 season. As Perfetti issued cards at the start of the year, January 1967 it is.