Barratt 1924-27 footballers & teams

Cricketers, rugby players and soccer teams are known in this series of mostly footballers.
There were four years' issues of these cards, 1924-1927, with many variations known.
The cards were printed in a manner known as téte-bèche.
I.E. every other card was printed 'upside-down' relative to those either end to it.
Every row used 2 backs, téte-bèche. Every other row 2 different, again téte-bèche.
There are 4 types of backs. Card stock & printing finish differed year in, year out.
Players moved along, back or forth, on the printer's press depending on seasonal omissions & additions.
Thus, cards' backs' may have legends that face "left" while others face "right",
and the same player may appear on cards with backs showing different legends.