Barratt 1946-49 4 series various printings M79 FF

The 1946-49 Famous Footballers series, or so-called "m79 non descriptive" series by Barratt, once thought to have only 79 cards (around 250 cards in fact!) is one of the least understood series of rare soccer cards. It's NOT just 1 series, it's 3 or 4 years of series!

Alas, cataloguers last century got it all wrong but the fullest range ever offered for sale is offered here: a vast collection from the 4 years 1946-1949. Finally, you have the chance to acquire the rarest types & finest editions; all paper types & card varieties, all the printing varieties, the different backs, the differing titles and letterpress, etc.

Only about half of the cards you'll get are showing below. Shown so far are cards up to around the L/ M surnames, Liddell is still to list, thenceforth another 100 until end of the alphabet.

The cards are for sale as a collection, of around 250 cards, and no longer as loose lots. As loose lots they'd have cost more and no one would ever had succeeded in bringing the lot together again. So, now you can buy them all as one lot of circa 250 different cards, varieties and variations galore, for just £30 each card -- £7,500. Seeing some of these rarities are simply unobtainable at any price, and if they ever do come to market many would sell for £100's each, this is a fair price, £30 each card, circa 250+ cards (**and 50 extra cards for free).

The Stanley Matthews lot, alone, was under offer at £800, and the various Liverpool, Wolves, Man Utd lots had garnered interest. But above all the rarer single cards of players from other teams caused a lot of consternation among collectors. One man told me he'd been seeking some of these cards for over 50 years in collecting! He was a well-known auctioneer in Timperley. If he had not found many of these cards in his 80 years of life, that says it all.

So, the second half of the collection is still to be listed, and eventually players with names from L/M to the end of the alphabet will come to be seen.. unless someone buys the lot now and saves this website the job of doing just that. a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to get a unique collection, the best there is! 25% off for cash. 12% off for f&f.

*** OFFER : the buyer will receive about 50 extra cards totally free of cost! 50 doubles means you get 300+ cards for the price above.