black white green & red lists

This website and my social media channels are my virtual homes, of sorts. Just like in my real world home I welcome diverse opinions, healthy debates and varied conversation. Isn’t that what makes the world beautiful and all of us unique? For those who stick around and read my posts on such channels I guarantee you an interesting time, full of facts, history, thought & many pictures of rare cards BUT if people decide to get troublesome, insulting or nasty they will be cast out of my virtual living spaces, with bans and blocks. I am of the opinion that free speech is of the utmost importance but no one needs to read or listen to insulting opinions about themselves whilst being in their own home. That said, such opinions and voices should still have airtime, it's just that i will tune out and turn them off from here and from my social media platforms. 

UNINVITED, BLACK-LISTED PEOPLE. In 35 years trading I have less than 10. I list them as examples:

Kellen D., Ukraine  (on social media, about me: "Why doesn't he shut the f**k up? What does he know about...?") Well, quite a lot, actually young lad. Seeing I lived that life before you were out of junior high, and seeing that I did you favours in card collecting, and gave you plenty of info freely and honestly, which helped your card flipping biz, I 'll just say, good bye!

Also, bye bye to:

Ross Greenman CA

Ray v/d Bossche CANADA

Mark McLeery TX

Dave Silva MA

J Bradbury, Devon GB

Keith Mandelbaum PA

Alan Zimmerman NY


Lee G & his shill bidder, Michelle of-the-handbags, his spouse, in UK

PLEASE NOTE: If you buy for a black-listed person, someone on the list above, and I find out (and I probably will, it's a small world) you will be blocked from my platforms and from buying from me. There are many buyers for rare cards. There are few cards, fewer cards than buyers and prices are up. Way up! So, we have no need for rude, abusive, troublesome buyers, nor their friends. I welcome the other 99% of appreciative clients. Thank you

Reserved cards? No more. No reservations. It's due to non-payers & broken promises to pay

So, GREEN LISTS and YELLOW LISTS are now suspended due to non payers,

It's first come, first served now. The first buyer gets the card. It's how it has to be, folks

Thank you