black white green & red lists

Green list: orders are 'go', packing and sending ASAP usually mailing within 7 days. Amber list: orders have been cancelled for reasons beyond the seller's control and the buyer has been refunded due to shortage of stock or another issue with a card. White list: a held or reserved order, as agreed with buyers, awaiting payment, usually for 2 weeks maximum. Black list?

Over 99% buyers are good people,

Yes, 99.9 of people are easy & honest folk. Thank you to them & welcome back.

These days there are more buyers than there are rare cards. This makes it easier to cut out a few rogues.

A few black-listed buyers are blacklisted for good reasons, such as theft, attempted fraud & spiteful activity.

Purchases made for the black-listed few by 3rd parties may also see 3rd parties blocked from buying,

The Blacklist has accrued 4 names in 30 years.

Out of 1000s of acquaintances 4 is a tiny fraction.

Blacklisted names are but 0.01 of all people in cards:

Mark M, Katy, TX, USA

Dave S, Lowell, MA, USA.

J Bradbury Devon UK

and the mysterious J C Bassett who was rogue from day 1!