black white green & red lists

Due to non-payers the green, white & red reserved lists are suspended, as is the client wish list

Over 99% of buyers are genuine, decent folks. To them I say Thank You. 

There are more buyers than rare cards, now, which makes it easier to cut out rogues.

Some black-listed rogues are banned for good reasons such as theft, attempted fraud

and spiteful activity, like social media trolling, or for disingenuous orders.

The Blacklist has accrued 6 names in 30 years. Of 1000s of acquaintances that's a tiny fraction.

Blacklisted are:

Ross Greenman CA USA ordered then cancelled a week later. Sellers beware!

Ray van den Bossche CANADA trolling

Mark McLeery TX - asked for un-tracked to save $5 s/h but 10 days later he claimed his payment back!

Dave Silva MA - claimed a refund on non delivery BUT we had a proof of delivery. Paypal agreed with us.

J Bradbury, Devon GB - claimed a refund but we showed he had received his card, Paypal agreed with us.

Keith Mandelbaum PA - claimed a refund 2 days after making a large order, after cards had been processed.

Note: If you buy for a black-listed person, someone on the list above. you will be blocked from buying in future.

Reserved cards? No more. No reservations. Sorry it's due to non-payers & broken promises to pay

Now it's first come, first served. The first buyer gets the card. It's how it has to be, folks. Thanks all the same.