Legendary Spanish producer, born of  El Gato Negro in 1939 with the first editions of the CROMOS CULTURA albums & paper cards, of which Babe Ruth featured - not only in the earlier issue, 1939 ("una peseta" cover, no war cards, no Disney, no flags inside) but also in the later 1941 issue, known as 1942 to slabbers, from the colourful cardboard cover "segundo" album, with cards of Mickey Mouse, Popeye, Nazi flags and World War 2 war action scenes. N.B. unbeknown to slabbers before my research, this is a fact. Two issues were made of these cards, the first in 1939 (see also Garcia & Moro page 53) the second in 1941, and ... the albums have different numbers! Always thought to be the 2° album, Babe Ruth is only in album 2° in the later 1941 reissue. In 1939 it's a different album but some secrets will stay with me