Grader's goof! Eusebio rookie summer scene from EC62 released in fall 62 slabbed as 1961!



Monster grader's goof! Do they never research things? Not my card - shown to show up yet another grading mistake. So, is it idiotically graded, or is it a con? It's a well-known European Cup 1962 match so they could have, at least, checked the date, after all it is easy to find in a 10 second search of the internet. Being such a famous Cup competition, refereed by a well-known man, and starring Eusebio the match is also featured in many books on soccer history. So, before grading such a card why not check a few facts? Some say they don't bother because they don't care; it's just about money. Maybe. Being graded "1961-62", as it is, certainly adds improper value because the "1961" part adds massive weight to the final price of such a slab. OK, so the facts now: this Eusebio rookie shows a scene from a late Spring 1962 European Cup match. The series was released in West Germany in autumn/fall 1962. It's the first-known card of Eusebio but it's not from1961. Slabbing this as 1961 is a deliberate distortion which helps to rake money from naive buyers. Beware slabs. They guarantee nothing, only that they are plastic.