1000 x times stated but some wise guys still don't read : all cards are SOLD AS SEEN.

Please see the photos then decide. The GOLDEN RULE is: ALL CARDS ARE SOLD AS SEEN. The seller of these antique & vintage, very rare football soccer cards is the creator of the 1990s journal, "Football Card Collector Magazine". He's the writer of 2019's book, the runner-up in the "Best British Sports Book 2020" awards, "An A-Z of Football Collectibles...". 

Most cards are spares from the seller's own life-long collection, spanning 5 decades. Photos show backs & fronts of cards. Read the details below the photos also. Enquiries about price may drive prices upwards. This is because all prices are 2018-19 prices, or earlier. If you push a price it may well awake a price update - a hike - because cards prices after 2020 are a lot higher than when they were in 2018 at the birth of this website. Remember, all cards are SOLD AS SEEN and most are1-off examples. When they are sold they will be gone forever. It's impossible to get more.