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USA BUYERS, Thanksgiving 2022 SPECIAL OFFER: pay in USD instead of GBP you save around 20% on Foreign Exchange of currency plus you get free insured s/h! So, until the day after Thanksgiving 2022 if you see a card you want, look at the GBP £ price - just pay the same figure in USD $! Because the USD and GBP rates are different on world foreign exchanges you end up saving around 15%. In fact, with free insured postage you actually save more, around 20% off the gross price seen. All I require is a "F&F" payment. Write me at cardsATrarecardsDOTcoDOTuk and tell me what you want. I agree. You pay. You save, I send insured post free, no extra costs. Minimum purchase necessary is USD$50 OFFER ENDS after Thanksgiving.

ALL BUYERS: the "SAVE 12% OFF" all cards deal is available when buyers pay with "Friends & Family". Just write me first, to agree the deal. Write me at cardsATrarecardsDOTcoDOTuk and make sure that address is in your approved emails, or your Gmail "white list", etc. so you get my reply.

The universal "SAVE 25% OFF" all cards when you pay cash or silver .999 coins means I can post anywhere, any address for this offer. Just write me and we'll set up the deal. Write me at cardsATrarecardsDOTcoDOTuk and make sure that my E Mail address is in your approved emails / white list / address book so you get my reply.

Minimum purchase necessary for any of the above deals is £50 GBP / USD$50


Yes, you did read this correctly: you get FREE insured registered mail if you pay cash (which saves you 25% on all and any cards) or if you pay by "friends & family" on the "save 12%" deal, no matter the price. No upper limit, just a minimum order value of GBP50. 

After we've agreed the cards and you make the payment I will deal with the insurance. I insure your cards using this service:  

So, you get all the insurance you need. Your cards are insured for their full value, and can be insured all the way up to $90k! 

For other buyers, for buyers who prefer to pay full price for their cards, nothing changes. Buyers buying on site through the checkout will pay 100% full price and they'll also pay 100% full price for shipping. For them all remains the same as it was before.

For the buyers who wish to save money, and get FREE insured registered mail at the same time, write to me at cards AT rarecards DOT co DOT uk

I have been doing this for years. I've sent many 1000s of packets like this. I never lost one. It's easy and it has a 100% success rate. Also, you don't get high customs fees, if any at all! I know how to send your packet by insured registered mail without you having to pay to receive it.

So, however you pay, the cards are sent by international registered mail, from France (100% success rate, 30 years sending, no losses ever). It takes around about 3 weeks to USA; up to 4 weeks to Australia, up to 2 weeks to GB/UK/Europe. 

You may contact me via the button near the bottom of this and all pages on the site BUT you must make sure you have put my E m a i l  address, above, into your white list of preferred addresses or else you will not get my reply if you use Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc. 

2. MORE THAN 12% off... more than 20% off? It may be possible for very large orders

Please remember, if you ask for heavier discounts, on very large orders, of more than 20% off, for cash, it has to be a great deal for me (in the thousands) or else I am liable to say no and even to raise prices after unsuccessful haggling. I do this to pay me myself for my time lost on many of these 'journeys'. Time is worth more than money and all cards will sell, sooner or later, anyway; and values (and prices) are always upwards for such rare vintage cards.

I treat respect with respect. I won't mess you around and I won't rip you off. 30+ years experience, well-known collector and seller of spare cards


you pay cash or silver I can send anywhere, even to unconfirmed addresses and to P.O. boxes - as long as there are no postal sanctions in place.


Prices showing "£0.00" are on sold cards - someone else got there first. 

5. QUANTITY -  only 1 of each card is available. The EKM quantity button is the platform's not mine. So, only 1 item available, no multiples, each and every card is a single item. 

6. NO E-CHEQUESNo "Echeques"! Echeques (typically Paypal E-cheques / E-checks) come with unconfirmed addresses and they are a disaster for sellers, 2 months to clear then all the risk so I no longer take Echeques, not even Paypal Echecks.You can send me cash, I take USD, GBP, EUROS, Yen and RU Rubles (to be agreed by Email, first) or you can send .999 silver coins, to be agreed by Email. Or, you can pay using commercial Paypal on site, at 100% full cost, plus postage s/h at full cost. Or, you can  SAVE 12% and get FREE insured registered s/h using  "friends & family"  off site - just ask me.


...the GOLDEN RULE is ALL CARDS ARE "SOLD AS SEEN". This means you get what you see.

The seller of these antique & vintage, rare football soccer cards is the creator of the 1990s journal, "Football Card Collector Magazine", and writer of 2019's runner-up to 'Best British Sports Book 2020' award; and 2021's "An A-Z of Sporting Collectibles" book. With this background and history he is well-known and trusted. Most of the cards here are spares from the seller's own life-long collection, put together over 5 decades. Photos show backs & fronts of cards. Details below the photos describe the cards but "images rule". This means the image is what you get. So, all cards are SOLD AS SEEN. Most cards on this website are 1-off exemplars. When they are sold they are gone forever.