Stanley Matthews, the greatest! Stoke City, Blackpool and England legend.
He was still playing top flight football at 50 years old, and for England at 42!
The rarest of his "rookies" is the Red Star transfer/decal from the 1933-34 season.
The next rarest is the 1935 black ink, numberless Famous Footballers card by Barratt,
Matthews also appears on a Barratt team card, Stoke City, from 1934 
but THE absolute rookie of Stanley Matthews is the 'Red Star' decal.
There is a very 'easy', economy rookie from 1934-35, by Ardath tobacco.
One million Ardath cards were printed so don't pay too much for that one! 
By contrast, less than 10 'Red Star' decals are known worldwide; and less than 15
 Barratt black-ink, 1935 numberless cards are thought to be in circulation.