Not 1995! Actually 2000-2001. Raven Beckham Fergie's Fledglings card made in Spain or so it seems!



Legendary graders' goof! Massive error by graders and slabbers. Claiming this is a Beckham rookie when it was made after The Millennium is tantamount to fraud. It is not 1995, was never 1995; it is actually a 2000-2001 issue. Raven cards are glossy con cards - or that's what they are now best known as thanks to this "Beckham rookie" - not! Cleverly made Fergie's Fledglings cards, made in Spain (S.A.) or so it seems... could be made anywhere, frankly, given the Spanish S.A: as a cover. The info on the back of the card is wrong. It states Becks' first cap was 1995. He'd barely made front page news as a new kid at MUFC until autumn 1995. He played for England only AFTER Euro 96, not 1995! What a disaster this card is. Costlt too, for many buyers who paid four-figure sums for it, believeing it was a 1995 rookie. 2001 oldie! Con card.