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If you are paying full price at the checkout there is a one-off postage & packing (s/h) charge per order. You can order as many items as you want in one order. All items are mailed registered and insured. There is no minimum order for full price payments.

If you are benefitting from one of the discount deals you'll get free insured registered postage if paying by  "f&f" or cash. There is a minimum order: goods to the list-price value of at least GBP £40 / USD $50

All cards are SOLD AS SEEN. This means you get what you see. This is the GOLDEN RULE.  ALL CARDS ARE SOLD AS SEEN. I say it a lot because it's important: SOLD AS SEEN is the golden rule. You see it, you decide. No Emails afterwards saying you found out that it was not quite what you had thought... or it graded lower than you had hoped. You decide when you pay. You get what you see.

The seller of these antique & vintage, very rare football soccer cards is the creator of the 1990s journal, "Football Card Collector Magazine". He's the writer of 2019's book, the runner-up in the "Best British Sports Book 2020" awards, "An A-Z of Football Collectibles...". 

Most cards are spares from the seller's own life-long collection, spanning 5 decades. Photos show backs & fronts of cards. Read the details below the photos also. Enquiries about price may drive prices upwards. This is because all prices are 2018-19 prices, or earlier. If you push a price it may well awake a price update - a hike - because cards prices after 2020 are a lot higher than when they were in 2018 at the birth of this website. Remember, all cards are SOLD AS SEEN and most are 1-off examples. When they are sold they will be gone forever. It's impossible to get more.